Our Storytellers

The storytellers listed here are members in good standing of the South Sound Story Guild.
The Guild does not recommend or schedule performances for tellers. If you are interested in our tellers, we encourage you to contact them individually. Fees or service donations are negotiated with each teller.
Billie Mazzei
Billie tells stories for children and adults; folk and fairy tales, old and new and biblical tales. She tells for schools, churches, small groups, and parties. Billie’s stories warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.
Randi Moe
Randi Moe has been a life-long teller of family stories. During the 20 years that she worked in adult education, she used stories to illustrate her instruction. Then in 2002 she discovered the ART of storytelling.

Randi’s bag of stories is varied: traditional folk tales, funny family pet stories, memories of her own youth, vacation adventures, glimpses into her ancestors’ lives, and Bible stories (both reverent and irreverent).

She believes that sharing personal stories is a wonderful way to affirm and celebrate the ups and downs of everyday life, both for the teller and the listener.
Maggie Lott
Margaret Lott tells humorous and moving stories that serve as a guide for living because we can all use a little help along the way. The characters in her stories are strong, surprising, and inspiring because we all need to watch someone go before us to show the way to the happy ending. The happy ending in story, a euphemism for peace, the way, the enlightened path, the Kingdom, the presence of God.
Mitch Nelson
Rebecca Hom